A new hybrid acquiring network for card and cryptocurrencies

Tap&Pay contactless with your favourite cryptocurrencies
No POS terminal hardware required



SMEs need to accept cards & crypto payments. The new HYBRID NFC-network enables them to get payed, anywhere.


Type :
Quark, Zerocoin protocol
Nodes structure:
Masternodes and PoS

PAYMT will be released based on the Zerocoin, proof of stake protocol, run masternodes and enable fast internal transactions.


  • Settlement of transaction-fees within the plattform
  • Acquiring fees
  • Payment of incentives for partner programs

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PAYMT Road Map

July 2016
BBVA Finalist Top20 Fintech Worldwide

Featured @ NextMoney NewYork, by BBVA Fintech Connect UK

Oct 2016
Signed Partnership with UATP

UATP signed paymagnet to enable airlines to accept contactless payments seamlessly. Link To UATP press release

Q4 2016
PCI DSS compliance AOC

PayMagnet was audited sucessfully, PCI DSS compliant.

Jan 2017
Signed Partnership Wirecard Bank

Wirecard AG based in Germany offers acquiring services for paymagnet and extends it´s reach to 43 countries in Europe.

Feb 2017
Signed TTF Asia HongKong/ CUP

Paymagnet now supports ChinaUnionPay,Quickpass through acquiring partners in Bejing and HongKong.

KRAKEN Tier4 Interface

Paymagnet is approved tier4 by the KRAKEN exchange, which finally adds in-app crypto-to-fiat conversion.

The Core


Martin Glettler M.Sc.

CEO, Inventor and Founder of Paymagnet Technologies, MSc in Computer Science, Former IT Security Agent, Senior IT professional with track records in large-scale IT, banking, cybersecurity risk & operations. Fokussed on Cryptocurrencies since 2012, early supporter of Ethereum.

DI Thorsten Guggenberger

Founding partner of Paymagnet, Chief Operations, Senior IT Expert with positions in Dinersclub, Airplus, Alcatel, T-Mobile, Experienced in running a 40 FTE IT business in central Europe. Extensive Negotiation skills. Interaction with public authorities and building partnerships with technology

Christian Zoechmann B.Sc.

Senior software engineer, long term founding member of paymagnet. Involved in nationwide projects managing HLDs and requirements, his main focus is on internal R&D and prototyping. He holds a bachelor degree of Technical University Vienna.

Sakaar Bhatia

Senior Blockchain Expert, experienced in Solidity / Smart Contracts on Ethereum. Deployed 5 ICOs successfully, like Veritaseum or Chronologic. Manages the COINcreation, security aspects, pre-and ICO functions of paymagnet's smart contracts.

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